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Laura Kim LLC offers a competitive rate and great service because we understand how critical the right words are to a marketing strategy or a grant proposal. We love providing writing solutions of all types.

Laura Kim LLC is a super hero to her satisfied customers from Portland, Oregon to Perth, Australia. Find out how this wordy wonder woman can help you to get the word out about your company or cause.

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Blog Articles

Blog articles with valuable offerings are a time-intensive staple of any inbound marketing strategy. We bring a hunger to engage with your brand and experience to our blog writing. Let us create content for your brand that speaks to your target audience.

Copy Writing

Wonder is the lifeblood of great copy. Whether you need help creating call scripts, a captivating one-pager, an executive summary for your strategic plan, or a refresh of your staff bios—we love turning what we learn about our clients into copy that delivers.

grant writing

Successful grant proposals expertly tell a story of your organization’s impact. It invites funders to join you in making a difference. Our approach will help you to tell your best story in a clear and compelling way.


She creates succinct and warm messaging that connects with a wide variety of audiences.
— Margot Swanson


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